The College Athlete

This program is designed for any athlete and can be modified based on need of individual or sport. Body Blast will encompass all aspects of strength and conditioning and injury prevention by providing a joint by joint approach that will allow the athlete to gain strength and power while also making sure that the athlete is able to functionally move without limitations that may cause injury. It will introduce or progress the experienced athlete to weight training by focusing on proper technique and form while using proper progressions and periodizations to increase strength and power. The program will also include muscle work using foam rollers and balls, a thorough dynamic movement prep warm-up, speed and agility, and a conditioning component to fulfill fitness testing requirements expected by their college coaches. All athletes will have access to the TrainHeroic App where all workouts will come up on a daily basis so you have access even if you are away. You will be able to keep track of weight progressions and timing.  If you miss a workout, you will also have access to OPEX Gold Coast to make up the workout on your own time and will have access to the gym on “off” days. All training will be multi-directional and multi-planar to fulfill what is expected of an athlete during their sport and daily life as an individual. Body Blast Sports Performance is guaranteed to have the athlete attain personal fitness goals as well as preparing the athlete fully for college expectations.

TRAINING DAYS: Monday thru Thursday
TRAINING TIME: 6:30am to 8 (showers available)
START DATE: June 25, 2018   
END DATE: August 9, 2018 (7 weeks, 27 sessions) *off July4th* 
WHERE: OPEX Gold Coast
35 Lois Street – Norwalk, CT
PRICE: $699 (includes access to app and InBody Analysis) 

This Body Blast program will challenge you as an athlete as you rise to the next level.

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